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Worldview - eerie thumbnails

Land of the Damned - a vast wasteland of ancient monuments and more recent abandoned industrial structures.

Top image: Painted, with some machinery textures on top. Remnants of a past industrial society. Eroded and rusted. Scrapped machinery.

Bottom image: I done this one about a year ago. Now I'm preparing it to go on a page in my book. Painted, with skull textures on top.
A handful of sentenced REJECTS make a discovery, whilst wandering their new environment, Land of the Damned. Ancient monuments are scattered all across the wasteland, seemingly erected some time since the revolutions and wars of the 21st century, where much of humanity was supposedly wiped out. Hundreds and hundreds of years later, and still there are no convincing theories as to Earth's ancient past...

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Worldview - eerie thumbnails