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Worldview Art Book - Military Concepts Collection

All designed and painted from scratch in Photoshop. Facebook -…

For anyone who doesn't know, I'm creating a scifi art book. My intention is to establish the backstory to a fictional future Earth scenario, and then follow up with a series of graphical books which will be story-based (characters, plots etc). In a way, 'Worldview' will be a graphical encyclopedia.

The current images above form part of a global corporate military complex. The traditional 'government' structure no longer exists, as corporations eventually bought out all the world's political institutions and bypassed the need to lobby, bribe, threaten or assassinate 'awkward' politicians. The largest corporation now dominates the planet militarily, but there are still a number of smaller corporations to compete with, so wars, as ever, continue.

James ledger thumbs 2 with borders

Worldview Art Book - Military Concepts Collection