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Worldview - LOTD spread preview

Finally got all the recent images laid out for a two-page spread. The text will most likely be edited, but for now it's ok. Photoshop. All designed and painted from scratch, with some textures thrown on top. Worldview on FB -…

Here's a sample of the current text. More information will be provided throughout the book, so remember that this is just a snapshot of relevant details.

Land of the Damned...
800 miles of wasteland, a seemingly endless world of despair and isolation.
For those who are REJECTED from society (on the grounds of a poor conformity rating), their only hope of reprieve is to journey the infamous ‘Land of the Damned’, a hazardous landscape populated with eerie historical monuments, mysterious holograms, and long-abandoned industrial facilities from a past civilization...all battered by frequent lightning storms and erratic weather.
Along the way, many wandering REJECTS opt for self-rejection... (No more room for text).

James ledger sprex test damned

Worldview - LOTD spread preview